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Brin Levinson creates post-apocalyptic paintings — beautifully rendered in surreal fashion

Brin Levinson’s paintings depict a magical, post-apocalyptic world where the strange and bewitching animals wander in the ruined and abandoned cities. In some pieces featured below, a city has been overtaken by the sea and its fierce-looking creatures searching for their preys. Noticeably absent are the people, vanished by the artist’s dark, surreal and creative imagination. And what’s left are the nightmarish dreamscapes, beautifully rendered in artistic fashion.

Enjoy this amazing work of art.


Brin Levinson Paintings - The White Stag


 Levinson’s paintings are postcards of a place where time stopped, snapshots of intense drama where nature bumps into the dream of a failed progress.

Factories have been abandoned , trains still on interrupted rails, human beings disappeared, maybe run away somewhere else.

But this time has neither an end nor a beginning yet; it could be only a dream , the artist’s dream who wants to recover through a new evaluation of the reality, a conscious vision of both blame and hope.

~ Simona Albani (


All images courtesy of Brin Levinson, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram


Brin Levinson Paintings -Midnight Messages


Brin Levinson Paintings - The Light Well


Brin Levinson Paintings - Wandering Soul


Brin Levinson Paintings - The Lost Thing 123


Brin Levinson Paintings -Vivid River


Brin Levinson Paintings -Deep Streets


Brin Levinson Paintings - Acqua Alta


Brin Levinson Paintings -Stomping Grounds


Brin Levinson Paintings -The Garden


Brin Levinson Paintings - Remnants Angels





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