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Capturing the Inner Beauty of a Lifeless Scene.


Have you taken a photo of dull and boring huge rocks in the desert?  Or a drab and dilapidated abandoned house? And what about dead flowers?

I bet you didn’t and won’t do it, ever!

Unless, of course, you have an innate creative talent that could breathe life into a lifeless scene, and produce an awesome photograph.

Well, these three talented photographers did just that. They captured the inner beauty of seemingly dead aspects of the wonderful thing we call LIFE.

And yes, these images are proof, if you will, that the Spirit of Life is ever-present in everything. 


Now, let’s enjoy these awesome images.


1)  Desert Rocks – Bonnie Springs, Nevada, USA  —  by:  Basil Valdez

Basil took a few shots and stitched the photos into a wide panoramic image. The result? Insanely amazing!!!



Bonnie Springs 1


Bonnie Springs 2



2)  Abandoned Children Tuberculosis Sanatorium  —  by:  Jorge Sanz Ortega

I know, you see ruins everywhere. However, due to Jorge’s creativity, he captured the coalescence of sunlight, shadow, drab colors and great details of the scene. And the end result… The images are dynamic and exciting — just pure stunning!

Jorge shared these images titled “Sanatorio Niños Tuberculosos Abandonado” on the Free Use Photos at Please visit his Flickr Photostream to see more of his photography.


Ruin House

Ruin House - 2


3)  Dead Flowers  —  by: Jassim Madan

Now, who can turn dead flowers into something special?  Seriously, Jassim is a serious dude!

Here’s one of the comments on his page by Marcus Summers, “Haha!! This is amazing. Great detail and focus. Just overall gorgeous.”

I Agreed, 101%!!!

Jassim shared this image on the Free Use Photos at Please visit his Flickr Photostream to see more of his photography.







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