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ClauS Word creates photo-realistic oil paintings — A series of stunning black & white portraits

Claudio Ingrassia, a.k.a. ClauS Word, is an Italian hyper-realist painter. His series of portraits in black and white oil paintings are stunningly photo-realistic, depicting the raw emotions and expressions of his subjects. Take a good look of this adorable little boy (below). The painting is impeccably rendered, capturing the child’s beauty, innocence and happiness. You could literally see the life breathing in the portrait. Simply put… Amazing!

Enjoy these gorgeous portraits!


Claus Word Oil Paintings Realistic_Save Me


Artist Statement:

ClauS Word, a.k.a. Claudio Ingrassia, is an italian painter. Born in 1989, he graduates in artistic High School, reaching excellent results in figurative drawing. Since his adolescence, he studies portraiture, realizing many portraits on commission. Thanks to a constant and intense research, he reaches an excellent technique in painting and a personal style. His work is visibly influenced by Hyperrealism and contemporary hyperrealist painters.


All images courtesy of Claudio Ingrassia, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:   Website  |  Facebook


Claus Word Oil Paintings Realistic_Seeker Of The Life


Claus Word Oil Paintings Realistic_Ladri Di Sogni


Claus Word Oil Paintings Realistic_Victorian Beauty


Claus Word Oil Paintings Realistic_From the eyes of a child


Claus Word Oil Paintings Realistic_4548


Claus Word Oil Paintings Realistic_ambizioni cibo per il futuro


Claus Word Oil Paintings Realistic_am i happy


Claus Word Oil Paintings Realistic_Eye




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