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The Watercolor Paintings of Daniel Merriam — stunningly magical, bursting with artistic beauty!

Daniel Merriam, a self-taught artist currently based-in San Francisco, is a contemporary surrealist with superb imagination and creative talent. His masterful execution of watercolor painting is incredible, creating artistically magical dreamscapes bursting with sharp, vivid colors and stunning details. His new series titled “Now You See Me: The Art of Escapism” is currently in exhibition at AFA Gallery.  Each piece featured below is beautifully rendered, worthy of a thousand words!  Amazing!

Enjoy this extraordinary artwork!


Daniel Merriam-Water-Color-Painting_Places to Go


Artist Statement:

DANIEL MERRIAM, born in Maine in 1963, now lives in San Francisco. This self-taught artist is best known for his dry brush technique and gloriously imaginative style. His blend of curiosity, adventurous nature and sense of humor temp the viewer into a colorful mystic state of bliss. The detailed paintings explore a rich inner life and do so with a master’s hand. Merriam has garnered acclaim from numerous national and international publications and television news broadcasts, including Art & Antiques, Gulf Connoisseur, IN New York, New Art International, Realms of Fantasy, The World & I, U.S. Art, Watercolor Magic.


All images courtesy of Daniel Merriam, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Facebook  |  Website 


Daniel Merriam-Water-Color-Painting_High-Tide


Daniel Merriam-Water-Color-Painting_Eye-of-the-Storm


Daniel Merriam-Water-Color-Painting_ToysInTheAttic


Daniel Merriam-Water-Color-Painting_Grand-Junction


Daniel Merriam-Water-Color-Painting_A-lofty-idea


Daniel Merriam-Water-Color-Painting_Strange-Connection


Daniel Merriam-Water-Color-Painting_Meeting-of-the-Minds


Daniel Merriam-Water-Color-Painting_Angelica


Daniel Merriam-Water-Color-Painting_Bird-of-Prey




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