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Yosuke Ueno: The Surreal & Whimsical yet Beautiful Paintings of Children in the Fantasy World

Japanese self-taught artist Yosuke Ueno explores the fantasy world of surrealism in his whimsical yet beautiful paintings. His colorful characters and their surroundings have been inspired by Japanese modern pop culture but with a dark twist. The artwork features cute, fashionable children with large eyes in melancholy mood, along with the skulls, sharp scissors, devilish and alien-like figures, among others. Perhaps, Yosuke’s creative imagination has traversed the outer universe, and explored a mystically bizarre and dark place teeming with adorable, cartoon-like children. And he came back with this amazing vision!   🙂

Enjoy this fascinating artwork!


Yosuke Ueno Painting -one_Scissors-Butterfly



I always start new work without any detailed designs.

My hope for a piece is to compleate itself beyond my imagination.

I sometimes say that artists are parallel to scientists.

Scientists have no way of knowing the result of an experiment beforehand.

The same can be said about creating art.

~ Yosuke Ueno


All images courtesy of Yosuke Ueno, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

You can check out his current solo exhibition titled “Beautiful Noise” at ThinkSpace Gallery.


Yosuke Ueno Painting -Positive Energy


Yosuke Ueno Painting - Summer


Yosuke Ueno Painting - Nocturne


Yosuke Ueno Painting - I become Forest


Yosuke Ueno Painting - 7499


Yosuke Ueno Painting - walkindelft


Yosuke Ueno Painting - Landscape with Prayers


Yosuke Ueno Painting - ONE-Life and Death


Yosuke Ueno Painting - Forestia


Yosuke Ueno Painting - Positive Energy -9




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