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Fable: The surreal and mythical paintings of Victor Grasso

Victor Grasso, a remarkable, self-taught artist and painter based-in New Jersey, has created a series of oil paintings titled Fable. The artwork is inspired by the artist’s obsession with mythology and folklore, resulting an elegant coalescence of darkness and beauty in his paintings. Enjoy this surreal yet seemingly realistic appearance of out-of-this-world portraits, created by extremely imaginative mind. 


Victor Grassco - Oil Painting - 1254869


Grasso has done numerous solo and group exhibitions. He has two group shows this October at ARCADIA Contemporary – SOHO Location, New York, NY – October 16, and Hashimoto Contemporary in conjunction with ThinkSpace – San Francisco, CA – OCTOBER 31.  For more info, please check out his Website.


“FABLE is both our fear and our lust. It is fulfillingly appealing, while revealing our most hidden secrets, stealing the air from one’s lungs as the paintings seduce the psyche.”

~ Victor Grasso


All images courtesy of  Victor Grasso, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website   |  Saatchi Art


Victor Grassco - Oil Painting - 456985


Victor Grassco - Oil Painting - 568541


Victor Grassco - Oil Painting - 854695


Victor Grassco - Oil Painting - 84564


Victor Grassco - Oil Painting - 4876965


Victor Grassco - Oil Painting - 456855


Victor Grassco - Oil Painting - 45689865



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