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Kaloian Toshev: ‘I Draw Girls’ – with Beautiful, Gorgeous Faces!

Kaloian Toshev, a Bulgarian illustrator and graphic designer, has been drawing female portraits for years, while wondering what keeps him going. And to this day, he hasn’t deciphered yet the mystery behind those beautiful, gorgeous faces. So he keeps on keeping on, creating artworks full of emotions, beauty and grace. Perhaps someday, he’ll understand the mesmerizing effects of the female faces.

Well, we, guys, couldn’t really understand why we are drawn to beautiful faces. Because, before we get it, we become hypnotically entranced and lose our mind. So good luck to you, Kaloian!   🙂


Kaloian Toshev-Girls-Drawings-Yellow-feelings


“There’s something about the female face. Faces in general, are tough to draw. But there’s something about the female face.”

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve drawn anywhere I could get away with it. Then, about ten years ago, I got a Wacom tablet and took my art online. I haven’t looked back since – unless I’m drawing a portrait of an ex. I’ve studied fine art, architecture and started a career as a graphic designer. But I still haven’t come close to understanding what it is about the female face that keeps me drawing.”

~  Kaloian Toshev


All images courtesy of Kaloian Toshev, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work or to purchase prints, please visit his:  Website  |  Twitter  |   Facebook


Kaloian Toshev_Girls-Drawimngs_War


Kaloian Toshev-Girls-Drawings-goguide-mzk-01


Kaloian Toshev-Girls-Drawings-Art-is-hard-1-01


Kaloian Toshev-Girls-Drawings-Dark-girl-Smoking


Kaloian Toshev-Girls-Drawings-Engy


Kaloian Toshev-Girls-Drawings-Aya


Kaloian Toshev-Girls-Drawings-Robo-girl


Kaloian Toshev-Girls-Drawings-Oktapodi


Kaloian Toshev-Girls-Drawings-Art-is-hard-2-01th


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