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The Street ‘Tape Art’ of Max Zorn — beautiful drawings made out of cut packaging tapes on acrylic glass.

Max Zorn, an artist based-in Amsterdam, uses brown packaging tapes to create an amazing Street Art. His artwork titled “Tape Art” begins by sticking layers of tapes on the acrylic glass sheet. For darker areas, he puts more tapes. He then carefully cuts out the tapes with scalpel or X-Acto knife to create his desired scene. When all is done, he displays the artwork on the street of Amsterdam and waits for the night to come. Then viola… the street lamp awakes the artwork to its glorious beauty.



Max-Zorn-Drawings-Packing Tape 983521


Zorn has traveled to several countries doing solo and group exhibitions. He has an upcoming event this month, October 24-27 at Blooom Art Fair (Cologne, Germany). Also, he will have exhibitions at Museumnight Amsterdam (NL) and Scope Miami Beach (USA) on November 1 and December 2-7, respectively.


There’s a lot of great street art by day, but it disappears after dark. I wanted to come up with urban art that uses nighttime as a setting, and there was nothing more inviting than the street lamps in Amsterdam.

In the beginning I used packing tape to fill in larger sections of my marker drawings. Once I hung them on street lamps, the light’s effect opened up new ideas with ditching markers and just using tape.

~ Max Zorn


All images courtesy of Max Zorn, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook


Max-Zorn-Drawings-Packing Tape Art 542685


Max-Zorn-Drawings-Packing Tape Art 2533693


Max-Zorn-Drawings-Tape Art 985365


Max-Zorn-Drawings-Tape Art 754698


Max-Zorn-Drawings-Tape Art 985426


Max-Zorn-Drawings-Tape Art 985365


Max-Zorn-Drawings-Tape Art 7814265


Max-Zorn-Drawings-Packing Tape 78569


Max-Zorn-Drawings-Tape Art 352394


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