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Filipino Artist Jordan Mang-osan and his ‘Solar Drawings’ — Simply, Amazing!

Jordan Mang-osan, a Philippine-based artist, calls his artwork Solar Drawings.  Yep, with the help of magnifying glass, he uses the power of the sun to create stunning landscapes and portraits. His beautiful pyrography drawings are born out of patience as he slowly and meticulously applies the solar heat onto the wood for months. The heat creates dark shades and lines on the initial drawings, producing artwork with impressive intricate details.  Simply put — Amazing!


Jordan Mang-osan - Solar -Drawing 41268


Mang-osan, who hails from the mountainous Cordilleras region, has done numerous solo exhibitions in the Philippines and abroad, and has garnered several awards and recognitions.

His profile statement at  Tam-Awan Village website says:

“Mang-osan started with his journey with the arts at the age of 19 with pieces depicting Cordilleran subjects using raw indigenous materials on acrylic on canvas, mixed media, pyrography and solar drawing on various surfaces such as handmade paper and wooden panel.”

“In 1996, he started to help build Tam–Awan Village and Chanum Foundation standing as one of its founders with the aim to create an artist village in the midst of Baguio City which will feature the culture and way of life of the highlands.”


He is currently the president of Chanum Foundation and head of the Tam-Awan Village Artists.


All images courtesy of Jordan Mang-osan, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work please visit:  Facebook  |  Tam-Awan Village

If you wish to purchase prints, please proceed to: Fine Art America


Jordan Mang-osan - Solar -Drawing 45963


Jordan Mang-osan - Solar -Drawing 98633A


Jordan Mang-osan - Solar -Drawing 16956


Jordan Mang-osan - Solar -Drawing 98625


Jordan Mang-osan - Solar -Drawing 89635


Jordan Mang-osan - Solar -Drawing 47963


Jordan Mang-osan - Solar -Drawing 98633


Jordan Mang-osan - Solar -Drawing 14596


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