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A Giant Sequoia Tree named “The President” — Captured in Extraordinary Full-Length Portrait.


Meet “The President” – a giant tree in Nevada’s Sequoia National Park. It has 2 billion leaves, 27 feet wide trunk and stands 247 feet tall. Not bad for a very, very, very old tree — 3,200 years old!

National Geographic Photographer Michael Nichols and a team of tree climbers headed by Steve Sillett, a scientist from Humboldt State University, scaled the giant tree inch by inch with an array of equipment, pulleys and levers.

Nichols photographed 126 images and created an amazing mosaic of a full-length portrait of the “President” for the world to see and enjoy its majestic glory.

He said, “The reason we want to do these portraits – people get it. When they see the tree in its totality without distortion, they gasp.”

And he’s absolutely right.


Now, are you ready to gasp, too?  Then go ahead… scroll down…


 The Base:


 The Middle:


 The Top:



And the whole Giant Tree:


Continue scrolling down….









Here we go:




Okay, you can gasp now.  🙂


Photo Credit: National Geographic


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