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Hasan Kale paints on tiny food as his canvas — with amazingly detailed landscape.


Turkish Artist Hasan Kale has a keen fascination with small canvases, especially food items. He has been painting on the tiny food from olive seed to peanut, cashew, almond, etc. Even a little piece of delicious chocolate and a delicate onion skin did not escape his paint brush. But why escape if you are to be adorned with amazingly beautiful artwork? I wouldn’t. Would you?

Okay forget it! Kale is a micro artist. So he prefers to paint on anything but large. I guess, just scroll down and enjoy the incredibly detailed paintings on the tiny food canvases. Truly Impressive!!!


All images courtesy of Hasan Kale, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his Facebook Page.



Hasan Kale 2541369



Hasan Kale - Olive



Hasan Kale - Paintings Peanut 25484552



Hasan Kale artwork 2541234






Hasan Kale artwork paint - Peanut



Hasan Kale 254164598



Hasan Kale 216984-900



Hasan Kale - Paintings - almond - green bean



Hasan Kale painting - cashew



Hasan Kale artwork 545845



Hasan Kale 251422



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