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Joe Hill Created the Guinness World Records’ Largest and Longest 3D Street Art

London, UK — British Artist Joe Hill created the World’s Largest and Longest 3D Street Artwork in 2011, and was awarded the Guinness World Record.

A street segment in Canary Wharf district in London was demolished and excavated until the stunning waterfalls came out.  The huge earth crevice was so deep and scary yet people love it.  As you can see they even play by the edge of the cliff, without a shred of fear.  🙂

Joe Hill - 3D Street Art 9985468photo/screenshot credit:  Joe Hill  |  Reebok

Okay now… Hold on folks!  Don’t worry, no one is falling down the pit!  It’s a 3D Street Painting!  Yep, just painting… but amazingly hyper-realistic.

The artwork, sponsored by Reebok CrossFit, was completed in 7 days, covering an area of 12,490 square foot.

Watch and Enjoy the video:


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