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Artist Faith47 beautifies streets and drab urban spaces — with subtle meanings of life.


The street artist named Faith47, based in Cape Town, South Africa, has been buzzing around not only in her beloved City but as well as in London, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Shanghai, and many more. Her magical touch could morph the drab and decayed urban spaces into beautiful landmarks.

At the outset, Faith47’s street artwork symbolizes the social realities on the street of South Africa where people still grappling with harsh living condition despite of the promises of the post-apartheid New South Africa.  But as she ventures into international scene, her ethereal artwork tends to convey existential symbolism with mystical messages. The paintings of humans and animals in neglected landscapes seemed to portray the longing of deeper understanding of Life.

Please scroll down and enjoy these images imbued with subtle meanings of life.

All images courtesy of Faith47, and are published with permission. To see more of her work, please visit her website:


 Escape ~ Johannesburg – 2014faith47_Street-Art_escape



You hold no blame for my proud heart ~ Cape Town  2014

Faith47_Street-Art 985432



Sic semper erat, et sic semper erit ~ Rochester – 2013




 Rhapsody ~ Rochester – 2012




The immense gap between past and future ~ Vienna  2013




Onirico ~ Puerto Rico – 2013




 The silence before ~ Miami  2013




 Multum in Parvo ~ Miami  2013




Saturation. Incubation. Illumination ~ Tudela  2013  [photo by Ian Cox]

Faith47_Street-Art 5487451



Will you stay with me? until the very end. ~ Gaeta, Italy – 2013




 Hunger ~ London -2014

Faith47_Street-Art 482595



The Solar Logos ~ London  2014  [photo – Ian Cox]

Faith47_Street-Art 416954



 The pull of the land ~ Toronto  2013




Let he who tied the bell to the lion take it off ~ Miami – 2012

Faith47_Street-Art 215469



Faith47_Street-Art 14589



The taming of the beasts ~ Shanghai – 2012




Scientia et Labore ~ Montreal  2013




Watch this video – the making of “Scientia et Labore” at Montreal in  2013.

Simply Beautiful….

‘Scientia et Labore’ – Montreal 2013 from FAITH47 on Vimeo.



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