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Lorenzo Villa and his Children Portraits in the War Zone Environment

The paintings of Italian artist Lorenzo Villa are rendered on the sheets of plexiglass. Each portrait is not only a tedious and complicated work, but an odd fusion of abstract beauty, innocence and chaos. The emotionally charged portraits of children depicted in a chaotic war zone environment is simply heartbreaking. Though Lorenzo’s work is dreamy and abstract, his creative imagination seemed to portray the reality of war, where the lives and innocence of children are being destroyed. These little ones cannot do anything but to Dream of Peace.

Enjoy this series of paintings, bursting with powerful emotions, as it begs to Stop the War!




Villa, who studied at State Institute of Art “Royal Villa of Monza” with a Master of Arts degree, has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His recent work on plexiglass, which he explained via email, is not an easy artwork. Even taking the photograph is cumbersome due to the reflections on plexiglass. He added that the actual artwork has a 3D effect.

On his website, he writes:

Paintings on sheets of transparent plexiglass, on both sides.

On the back, with the layering of glazes, to get the bottom of the painting, (words, trees, simple lines or spots in an abstract context – informal ), which eventually will be visible only by looking at the front.

The characters and objects that complement the pictorial message, however, are painted in acrylic on front, thus creating a kind of three-dimensional effect more or less obvious. The whole is given by the detachment that is created between the bottom and foreground elements, thanks to the thickness of the slab, which can vary from 1 to 5 mm.


All images courtesy of Lorenzo Villa, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook   




Lorenzo-Villa-Painting-piccole gelosie


Lorenzo-Villa-Painting-peace 12563


Lorenzo-Villa-Painting-cosa scrivi


Lorenzo-Villa-Painting-NON PER TUTTI.




Lorenzo-Villa-Painting-l ARTISTA


Lorenzo-Villa-Painting-senza titolo 9856


Lorenzo-Villa-Painting-senza titolo 45869


Lorenzo-Villa-Painting-La retta via




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