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Porcelain Sculptures in Elegant, Random Patterns by Nuala O’Donovan

Nuala O’Donovan, an Irish artist, creates a series of porcelain sculptures in amazingly complex, random patterns, yet elegantly arranged. Her artwork, embracing the spontaneity of nature, gracefully blooms in all directions mimicking the forms and shapes of coral, teasel flower and pine cone. Although the characteristics of the patterns are, as she puts it, “regularly irregular” — nevertheless, she managed to capture the stunning beauty of nature.  Amazing!


Nuala O’Donovan - Porcelain Sculpture 94198


Artist statement:

“My work combines regular pattern with the characteristics of irregular patterns and forms from nature. Each element of the pattern is individually made, the form is constructed slowly over a period of weeks or months. The finished forms are a result of an intuitive response to the direction that the pattern takes as well as the irregularity in the handmade elements of the pattern.

“I have used the characteristics of irregular/fractal patterns in nature as a system of constraints or guidelines when making decisions about the forms: The patterns are regularly irregular. The patterns and form are self-similar. The pattern records a response to random events during the making process. The result of using the characteristics of fractal geometry in making decisions regarding the form of the sculptural pieces, is that the form is resolved but retains a sense of potential change.”


All images courtesy of Nuala O’Donovan, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook  

Photography Credit:  Sylvain Deleu and Janice O’Connell

(via: Colossal)

Nuala O’Donovan - Porcelain Sculpture 98458


Nuala O’Donovan - Porcelain Sculpture 57486


Nuala O’Donovan - Porcelain Sculpture 15786


Nuala O’Donovan - Porcelain Sculpture 48756


Nuala O’Donovan - Ceramic Sculpture 45865


Nuala O’Donovan - Porcelain Sculpture 98147


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