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The sad and emotional paintings of Donatella Marcatajo — expressing her passion for women’s rights & freedom

Donatella Marcatajo, a self-taught Italian hyperrealist painter, explores the narrative of women’s rights and freedom through her beautiful yet disturbing and emotionally charged paintings. The series of portraits, featured below, depict the sad plight of women trapped in the violence and horrible situations in life. She hopes that her dynamic and artistic expressions could somehow shake the conscience of the people. And we all hope as well that the violence against women must stop… Now!

Please scroll down to see the symbolic, vibrant and photo-realistic paintings!


Never Born

Donatella Marcatajo Paintings - Never Born


Artist Statement:

Donatella Marcatajo, born in 1990, is an Italian painter.

Born in a family of artists, she’s self-taught and she inherits from her grand-father her painting skills. Since she was a child, she’s attracted by drawing and, especially, during her adolescence, she dedicates herself to comics. Subsequently, in her continue artistic research, she reaches the sublime technique: oil on canvas.

In 2013 she studies realism in painting knowing the movement of “Hyperrealism”. Especially, her paintings are very influenced by Austrian and hyperrealist painter Gottfried Helnwein, of whom she visit the retrospective in Vienna in 2013. In fact, in her works there is a perfect union between aesthetic research and provocative and strong social messages. Her aim is to shake people conscience about social themes, above all violence on women.  (sent via email)


All images courtesy of  Donatella Marcatajo, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:   Website  |  Facebook  |  DeviantArt


Via Crucis -about violence on women

Donatella Marcatajo Paintings - Via Crucis -about violence on women


You are only mine

Donatella Marcatajo Paintings - You are only mine


Am I Good Enough For You

Donatella Marcatajo Paintings - Am I Good Enough For You


Dreaming Is Not Allowed

Donatella Marcatajo Paintings - Dreaming Is Not Allowed


Beneath A Mask, Hide Your Scars

Donatella Marcatajo Paintings - Beneath A Mask, Hide Your Scars


The Other Face Of The Grief

Donatella Marcatajo Paintings - The Other Face Of The Grief


Virtual Cage

Donatella Marcatajo Paintings - Virtual Cage


My Soul Is On The Other Side Of The Mirror

Donatella Marcatajo Paintings - My Soul Is On The Other Side Of The Mirror


Seeing, Saying, Feeling Nothing




Donatella Marcatajo Paintings - Seeing, Saying, Feeling Nothing





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