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Shadowy Charcoal Portraits by Dylan Andrews — a drawing series in dramatic play of light and shadow

Dylan Andrews, a student in the University of the West of England, creates charcoal portrait drawings in dramatic play of light and shadow. His amazing rendering of monochromatic tones, with ambiguous yet elegant patterns of shadows, beautifully captures the emotional expressions of his subjects. In each portraiture, featured below, shows a unique mask that reflects the, as he put it, “individuality and unique traits that form our identities.”  Simply put… Andrews’ artwork is Beautiful, Mysterious and Mystical!

Enjoy these surreal yet realistic portraits!


Dylan Andrews-charcoal-Drawings-portraits 4xd74


Artist Statement:

My work centres around portraiture and studies of the human form. I aim to portray emotion without relying on deliberate facial expressions, instead I place an emphasis on manipulating light and shadow in my images in order to construct dramatic and intense atmospheres. Some of these are self-portraits, and some are portraits of friends or family. Each portrait contains ambiguous patterns forming over the subjects face, created by an object unknown to the viewer. Each subject has their own unique mask of shadow, reflecting the individuality and unique traits that form our identities.


All images courtesy of Dylan Andrews, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

via: Hi-Fructose


Dylan Andrews-charcoal-Drawings-portraits 547lmk


Dylan Andrews-charcoal-Drawings-portraits 126gh


Dylan Andrews-charcoal-Drawings-portraits 78jh7


Dylan Andrews-charcoal-Drawings-portraits 748khty


Dylan Andrews-charcoal-Drawings-portraits 51dr0




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