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Soey Milk’s Oil paintings of Women — bursting with rich colors, artistic details and beauty

Soey Milk, an artist based-in Los Angeles, creates portraits of women bursting with rich colors, artistic details and beauty, inspired by her Korean heritage and culture. The pieces featured below are beautifully painted with narratives of vulnerability and confidence, coupled with subtle hints of mystery and surrealism. Her new painting series titled “Pida” is currently in exhibition at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco through October 24th.

Please scroll down and enjoy these gorgeous paintings.


Soey Milk-paintings-Drawings-17895



All images courtesy of Soey Milk, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram



Soey Milk-paintings-Drawings-Gekkakou_blg


Soey Milk-paintings-Drawings-Omixochitl_RSZ


Soey Milk-paintings-Drawings-A Particular Place_RSZ


Soey Milk-paintings-Drawings-1347


Soey Milk-paintings-Drawings-Hymenopus Coronatus_RSZ


Soey Milk-paintings-Drawings-Cirrus_RSZ


Soey Milk-paintings-Drawings-ThreeTimes_RSZ





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