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The Surreal Pencil Drawings of Lena Klyukina — exploring the universe and its natural world.

Lena Klyukina, an artist based-in Lithuania, explores the universe and its natural world in bizarre yet beautifully rendered surreal pencil drawings. Her artwork is beyond the norms, and could only be envisioned by highly imaginative mind. The drawing series, featured here, depicts all kinds of strange characters in stunning details.

Enjoy this amazingly unrestrained out-of-this-world artwork!


Temporary Station

Lena Klyukina-Pencil-Drawings-Temporary station


Artist Statement:

“An illustrator and a tree-hugger at heart, inspired by the sun, music, plants and people.”



All images courtesy of Lena Klyukina, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Behance


Someone’s Missing

Lena Klyukina-Pencil-Drawings-Someone missing



Lena Klyukina-Pencil-Drawings-Shore


Fish of Destiny

Lena Klyukina-Pencil-Drawings-Fish of Destiny


Ode to the stag beetle

Lena Klyukina-Pencil-Drawings-Ode to the stag beetle


Lucid Dream

Lena Klyukina-Pencil-Drawings-Lucid dream


Pleine floraison au Cimetière

Lena Klyukina-Pencil-Drawings-Pleine floraison au Cimetière



Lena Klyukina-Pencil-Drawings-Scatter



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