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The Mechanical and Human Paintings by Atsushi Koyama

Japanese artist Atsushi Koyama has a BFA in Art and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. No wonder, he has an excellent appreciation of the beauty of both human and mechanical arts. In his series of oil paintings featuring the fusion of human forms and mechanical pieces, he captures the complex yet beautiful relationship of man and machine. The creative hands and the watchful eyes along with the intricate system of machinery — all dance in an elegant artistic fashion.

Enjoy this amazing artwork as it conforms in precise mathematical principle.


Atsushi Koyama-Drawings-Paintings-17854


 “A machine – the simplest rotating devices of mechanical nature – come apart and expands on black background of Koyama’s canvases while parts of human body gently and with care hold, elevate or support the running parts. The Mechanism unfolds in human’s hands overcoming its utilitarian or even material nature and while generating aesthetical strength goes beyond the material. As a particular visualization of METAMACHINE Koyama’s devices transform and regenerate themselves into medium with access to supernatural dimension, as a mega-key to the parallel world where machine have same rights for beauty and sublime as human body in ours.”

~ Atsushi Koyama / Frantic Gallery


All images courtesy of Atsushi Koyama, and are published with permission.

For more info, please visit his page at Frantic Gallery.

via: Colossal


Atsushi Koyama-Drawings-Paintings-75486


Atsushi Koyama-Drawings-Paintings-12566


Atsushi Koyama-Drawings-Paintings-847353


Atsushi Koyama-Drawings-Paintings-12586


Atsushi Koyama-Drawings-Paintings-89536


Atsushi Koyama-Drawings-Paintings-45893


Atsushi Koyama-Drawings-Paintings-47565



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