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Bubbles and Bella — an extremely rare friendship of an elephant & a dog.


We’ve seen adorable friendship between dogs and cats… but not an elephant and a dog!

Bubbles, a 32 year old rescued African elephant, and Bella, a 3-year old labrador, are BFF. Yes, best friends forever!

But this is an extremely rare friendship. Why?

Well, between this odd friendship are huge disproportionate differences —  in almost everything.  Their sizes and weights are way beyond David and Goliath proportion. The elephant is zillion times bigger and heavier than the dog. And their movements don’t match either, a super hyperactive little one and a slow moving giant. They even have crazy language barrier. Uh huh, I’m sure!  :)

However, they have something in common that transcends all differences — Love!  They have unconditional love that binds them together no matter what. So they play like BFF.


Enjoy these photos and video of Bubbles and Bella playing together in Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina:


Swimming Time

Bubbles - bella - 1


 Instant Diving Board… 1, 2, and…

Bubbles - bella - 5


3! …There she goes!

Best Friends Elephant and Dog play fetch in the river.


One more jump…

Bubbles - bella - 8


Swimming and Playing Ball

Bubbles - bella - 9



Lovely pose…  Awesome!

Bubbles - bella - 2



 Bubbles is ready to throw the ball for Bella.

Bubbles - bella - 4



Aww… this is just cute!  It’s time to rest with BFF!

Bubbles - bella - 3



Watch their adorable video:


Bubbles was adopted as an ivory orphan by Myrtle Beach Safari in 1983.

Bubbles’ family was killed by ivory poachers. She was one of the fortunate few that survived the slaughter. Today tens of thousands of elephants are still being illegally poached for their ivory. ~  Myrtle Beach Safari


Source:  Courtesy of  Myrtle Beach Safari   / via:  DailyMail


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