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Dogs pray before eating. Well-behaved, cute… and religious, too!


You’ve seen dogs trained to do amazing tricks, right? But these well-behaved and cute dogs have been trained for something you wouldn’t imagine — to PRAY!

As it shows on the video, the four dogs  — a poodle, a yellow lab and two golden retrievers  — all bow their heads for a quick prayer before having their meals. Then after eating, they all lick the empty bowls thoroughly and obediently return them back to the owner.





Okay… You probably would say, “There’s nothing special. Any dog can be trained to do that.”

Well, you’re absolutely right! We all know dogs don’t have an iota of understanding about prayer.

But here’s the thing folks. We cannot deny the fact that the four dogs are very calm, obedient and extremely well-behaved. I guess, the prayer must have been working somehow! We never know. 🙂

Praying quietly?


Dogs Praying


Licking the empty bowl clean and returning it back.

Dogs Praying



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