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Fiona Tang’s Large-scale Animal Murals — Wild but tamed by the artist’s hand.


Fiona Tang, a Vancouver based artist, created large-scale murals of wild and fierce animals. Fortunately, the ferocious beasts have been tamed by the artist’s creative and artistic hand.  Bravo!

Tang, who recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, is a new emerging talent to be reckoned with. She uses charcoal, chalk pastel and acrylic to create a piece of art that seems real and three dimensional. But actually it’s just 2D enhanced by shadows and perspective to deceive the viewer’s eyes.  This technique is called Trompe l’oeil.


Fiona Tang - murals - 3-986521


Trompe-l’œil (French for deceive the eye, pronounced [tʁɔ̃p lœj]) is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. Forced perspective is a comparable illusion in architecture.  ~  Wikipedia


All images courtesy of Fiona Tang, and published with permission.

To see more of her artwork, please visit her:  Facebook  |  Tumblr

Enjoy the photos!


Fiona Tang - murals - 4-656532


I started doing art a couple of years ago, and despite my parents disapproval, I have stuck to and fought for my art. I love sketching, to the point where I will catch myself looking at my surroundings as sketches. Art is not only my passion, but also my outlet and therapy; it always manages to cheer me up.

~  Fiona Tang


Fiona Tang - murals - 7-985454



Fiona Tang - murals - 1-568563


Fiona Tang - murals - 8-96522



Fiona Tang - murals - 2-96421



Fiona Tang - murals - 5-98652



Fiona Tang - murals - 6-954875



Fiona Tang - murals - 9-98542

(h/t: Colossal)


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