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Psy, the Gangnam, invades iHeartRadio Music Festival at Las Vegas

Yes, Psy, the Gangnam guy from South Korea, invaded iHeartRadio Music Festival at Las Vegas.

Who would think he would be showing up and galloping, Gangnam style, on stage amid a number of superstars in US Music Industry and thousands of American-screaming-fans.  And the lyrics?  He figured it out already.  Two words are enough— Sexy Lady!

Well, here’s the roll call… Usher, Prince, Pink, Aerosmith, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi, Pitbull, Linkin Park and more… and then, guess who —- PSY.

But why would iHeartRadio ignore Psy?  Nope, they didn’t.  They had to invite him for a very obvious reason.  He had skyrocketed on Youtube a couple months ago for having more than 100 million hits in just few weeks.  Now at 266 million views and still counting.  So it doesn’t matter whether iHeartRadio invited him or not.  He can invade the festival anyways, and everything is just Fine!

You might wonder why he is such a phenomenon.  Nahhh, it’s not like Justin Bieber.  Forget it.  The kid was shaped up for teen age girls.  Limited that is.  Psy is more than that.  He’s having fun with everyone, from south to north pole.  Unlimited that is.


Psy - iHeartRadio Music Festival / YoutubeLet me break it down for you:

1. The downside – he is a bit Older and a bit Cute

2. The upside – he is a family man, humble  ( but don’t quote me, lol ), funny, confident, and pure energy.

Mix the two together and spice it up with upbeat melody and weird-horsey dance…. then… Bam!!!  Magic!!!


I guess, iHeartRadio had no choice but to invite PSY for the best moment of fun and entertainment.


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