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A Scared Future Mom of Down Syndrome Child Sent a Letter to CoorDown. Watch the heart warming video response.


If you are an expectant mother of a down syndrome child, you need not be afraid. The video below will tell you why.

When CoorDown, the Italian Coordinator of the National Association of People with Down Syndrome, received a letter from a scared future mom, the organization created a video response with heart warming messages from people with down syndrome. The video features 15 children and young adults from across Europe speaking in their native languages with joy and full of life.





CoorDown released the video to promote down syndrome awareness and to celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day on March 21. 

The future mom writes she is scared and wondering what kind of life will her child have. And she got the most reassuring answer one could ever get. 


Here’s the responses of the children in the video:

Dear Future Mom, don’t be afraid.

Your child will be able to do many things.

He’ll be able to hug you. He’ll be able to run towards you.

He’ll be able to speak and tell you he loves you.

He’ll be able to go to school, like everybody.

He’ll be able to learn to write. And he’ll be able to write to you, if someday he is far away. Because indeed, he’ll be able to travel too.

He’ll be able to help his father fix his bicycle. He’ll be able to work and earn his money. And with that money, he’ll be able to invite you out for dinner. Or rent an apartment and go living alone.

Sometimes it will be difficult. Very difficult. Almost impossible. But isn’t it like that for all mothers?

Dear Future Mom, your child can be happy. And you’ll be happy too.



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