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Are you Scared of heights? Or Thrilled? — These 25 death-defying photos will help you to find out.


Most of us could walk on top of a 2-feet block wall. But what about 20 feet?  I bet only very few would dare to try it. And I’m pretty sure, not me! 🙂

Yes, a lot of people are terrified with heights.  But there are a handful of thrill-seekers who feel invincible and are bereft of fear. You can see them scaling the Himalayan ranges, diving in the blue sky, or simply, hanging by the cliff 1000 feet high.  However, these people are passionate and well-experienced adventurer who calculate the risk before taking the plunge. So don’t do it if your experience is only to climb a sofa with TV remote on hand. 🙂

But if you are one of the very few who take to the heart what Hellen Keller said “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”  then go for it.

Now, let’s see.  Why don’t you scroll down and imagine you are the person in the photos defying the heights. Then find out if you are scared or thrilled.


scary-height-photo-o548971Image credits: Ronny Randen


scary-height-photo-a12548Image credits: Gordon Wiltsie


scary-height-photo-b598745Image credits: unknown


scary-height-photo-c69745Image credits: Corey Rich


scary-height-photo-d365411Image credits: Brian Mosbaugh


scary-height-photo-e1265498Image credits: Keith Ladzinski


scary-height-photo-f548751Image credits: Natasha Sadovskaya


scary-height-photo-g658748Image credits: Andreas Resch


scary-height-photo-h4587448Image credits: richard0428


scary-height-photo-i985474Image credits: Mustang Wanted


scary-height-photo-j6587454Image credits: Solent News/Rex/Rex USA


scary-height-photo-l698547Image credits: Kirill Oreshkin


scary-height-photo-m98545Image credits: Romina Amato

scary-height-photo-n654899Image credits: Roof Topper


scary-height-photo-p658745Image credits: Isaac Gautschi


scary-height-photo-p985475Image credits: Alex Emanuel Koch


scary-height-photo-q9857455Image credits:


scary-height-photo-r658456Image credits: Jared Alden


scary-height-photo-s98547Image credits: Dan Carr


scary-height-photo-s98547jImage credits: Christian Pondella


scary-height-photo-t587456Image credits: Alex Honnold


scary-height-photo-u985474Image credits: Krystle Wright


scary-height-photo-v59845Image credits: Michael Nichols


scary-height-photo-w985412Image credits: Desre Tate


scary-height-photo-x548755Image credits:

 (h/t: BoredPanda)


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