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Whimsical Comic Characters in Elegant, Artistic Paintings by Jose Emroca Flores

Jose Emroca Flores is the artist behind these whimsical yet elegant paintings.  Each piece has a fascinating story portrayed by comic and surreal characters that could only come out of a talented, imaginative mind.  Take this one titled  El Cuco’s Advice.  Yeah, it’s a comic story of a sage rooster giving its wisdom to a bewildered traveler.  Clever, huh?

Okay, I made it up… 🙂

But you got the idea — each painting has comic characters and a story to tell.

El Cuco’s Advice

Jose Emroca_El Cucos Advice

Emroca grew up in Nevada and spent much of his youth outdoors flexing his creative skills through skateboarding and snowboarding. Later he moved to California, where he finished an art degree at Academy of Art in San Francisco. Then he worked in the glamorous world of entertainment industry in Los Angeles, enhancing his creativity and imagination in the field of visual arts.

While working with Universal, Paramount, EA Games, Nike, and other big brand names, he picked up his would be lifelong passion — oil painting. In the course of time, his original oil paintings have been appreciated and exhibited in numerous galleries across United States.  Just recently, he had his first art exhibition at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

Emroca is currently living in North County, San Diego, and enjoying his life as an independent artist.

Please scroll down for more paintings.  Enjoy!

To see more of his work and for print or canvas purchase, please visit his website:

Also check out his  Facebook  |  Twitter  |   Instagram

All images courtesy of Jose Emroca Flores, and are published with permission.

The MK

Jose Emroca_The MK

Toothy Twistees

Jose Emroca_Toothy Twistees

Alyssa’s Bird

Jose Emroca_Alyssa s Bird

Woodstock, Santana and the Snake

Jose Emroca_Santana

Kingdom of Krash

Jose Emroca_Kingdom of Krash

El Monstroca

Jose Emroca_El Monstroca

Against The Grain

Jose Emroca_Against The Grain

El Zombo

Jose Emroca_ El Zombo

The Talk

Jose Emroca_ The Talk

Bianca and Her Bike

Jose Emroca_Bianca and Her Bike

Mood For The Day

Jose Emroca_ Mood For The Day

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