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Barack Obama and Raul Castro – Historic Handshake at Nelson Mandela Memorial


US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro made a history in US-Cuba relations through a simple gesture of — Handshakes.

The handshakes between the two leaders created a huge buzz — arguments and debates.   More important, it signaled a “Wind of Change” is coming in US-Cuban relations.  Perhaps, something is being cooked here behind the scene.  Whatever it is, we can only Hope it is a good Change.

However, the White House aide says:  It’s just a “spontaneous gesture”.



Here’s the historic handshakes:

Photo: Sky News / via Youtube
Photo: Sky News / via Youtube


Raul Castro – all smiling and proud:

Photo: Sky News / Via Youtube
Photo: Sky News / Via Youtube


Here’s the Youtube Video from SKY News :



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