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Dalai Lama Supports Gay Marriage — He said, “That’s Okay. I think it’s individual business.”


Dalai Lama, the great spiritual leader of Tibet, has given his thoughts on a controversial subject, Gay Marriage.  He said it is a personal matter and individual business.

In an interview with Larry King, the Buddhist leader showed his wisdom of compassion. When asked about his personal feelings on same sex marriage, Dalai Lama did not struggle or scramble for an answer. Right there and then, he responded unequivocally straight from his compassionate heart — “That’s okay.”

Oh, you can forget the “fire and brimstone” thingy. It’s not gonna happen.




Here are some of the questions and answers:

Larry King: What do you make of the whole emerging gay question? Russia banning homosexuality, yet in the United States we now have growing gay marriage. What do you think?

Dalai Lama: That I think a personal matter. Of course, you see, people have beliefs, or who have certain sort of special tradition… should follow according  to your own tradition.

Larry King: What about same sex marriage? What do you feel personally about it?

Dalai Lama: That’s okay. I think it’s individual business. (then he laughed)

Larry King: None of your business, right? You got a point.

Dalai Lama: If you people,two couple, really feel that way… it’s more sort of practical, more sort of satisfaction, both sides fully agree — then OKAY!


Photo via Larry King/Youtube
Photo via Larry King/Youtube


And here we are, the people of modern technology, furiously debating the gay marriage issue, and in the process we trample each others beliefs and understanding.

Why can’t we be like Dalai Lama? We give a nice answer and laugh it off.

Well, we could but… hmmm… ahhhh… ummm… It’s complicated!


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