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Pentti Arajarvi Caught Staring at Princess Mary’s Cleavage

Pentti Arajarvi, the First Gentleman of Finland, was caught staring at the cleavage of Princess Mary of Denmark.

No question, it’s one of the most awkward moments in high echelon of power.  Just imagine yourself, a 63-year old man, being caught staring at a woman’s cleavage by the woman herself and the gazing TV camera.  That’s a double whammy!  And you couldn’t just shrug it off.


You are the First Gentleman of Finland, the husband of President Tarja Halonen.

What else?

Your gorgeous 40-year old seat-mate was not a Victoria’s Secret model, but the Crown Princess of Denmark.

Exactly!  That’s why this moment has been quite embarrassing not only for the First Family of Finland, but to Finnish people.

Pentti ArajarviBut don’t worry Mr. Arajarvi.  We guys, at least most of us, have done the infamous look.  Not much we can do.  We are enthralled and mesmerized by those wonderful hidden thingy.

Just a bit of advice Sir, next time please don’t stare, just look discreetly.  But if you can’t help it, a pair of sunglasses is a must!

Oh, forget the sun.  Just say you hate lights. 🙂


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