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The Randomness World of ChatRoulette

Here we go online chat lovers.  Presenting —CHATROULETTE — Probably the most hype video chatting platform these days. What it does: It pairs you with random stranger from anywhere on the planet, anytime. Chatroulette is 99% boring and 1% fun, at least for me.

Most likely you know the game of chance–Russian Roulette.  Right? Good, then I don’t have to expound it here. All I have to say, it’s a lethal one. When the single bullet spins its lucky charm, you are dead! Yes, literally! Gone! Kaput!





But Chatroulette, created just last year by 17-year-old kid from Russia, is a different animal. You don’t have to shed your blood.  You don’t have to spin a gun cylinder either. You simply have to click the “Scan” button (to start the action) or “Next” button (to get rid of your chat partner for the next stranger).

Then boom! You’ll either see a man or a woman or sporadically, some crazy masks or pictures. But most of the time you’ll be face to face with a lonely and pathetic man, looking for some sort of fun over the randomness world of ChatRoulette.

When I did my first Chatroulette adventure, not too long ago,  I was so excited.  What I had in mind was to have a lovely conversation with some exotic beauties from far end of the earth, wherever that maybe.  So I set up everything meticulously to avoid any glitch– the computer, the webcam, the background and my… okay… forget my face!  Then I hit the “Scan” button for real action.

Holy Cow!  Right after I clicked the “Scan” button, I had to rush for the “Next” button! What was that??!!  A testosterone-saturated dude playing with his little rocket!!!  What the F….!!!  He got nexted right away!

That’s not what I wanted.  I was hoping for fun and interesting encounter.

Seconds later, a new character showed up. Unfortunately, it was a boring one.  Exactly what I described above, a lonely and pathetic man. I nexted him in a sec. But then another same character blipped on my screen. Nexted again!

I didn’t know where these men coming from.  They showed up again and again and again.  I must have clicked the “Next” button for zillion times.

I had enough!  I got tired of seeing my kind (of course I’m not one of them, I’m lying… hehehe) and all those crazy characters. Perhaps, the exotic beauties from Far Far Away Land were all dancing in the Cave Club.  Chatroulette had been getting eternally boring to me.  I was done.

When I was about to hit the “Stop” button, seemingly, a sinister whisper pierced my eardrum. “Good, you’ve done the 99% of Chatroulette. Now your sweet reward is on the horizon, the 1% Fun.”

Lo and behold, two young gorgeous ladies finally appeared on my screen.  Tweeeettt, Tweeeeettt!!!!  Sweet!!! They wanted to chat with me for one whole hour!  Darn that’s impossible!  I’m 40s, married, and I love my wife.  Sorry I couldn’t do it.  But they insisted, and they chorused, “Come on, just for fun.”

Okay, yada, yada, yada… You’ve got me! I was lying again!  Actually–I was nexted in a heartbeat!!!!!

I felt awful and discourage.  So I clicked the “stop” button.

As I pondered my next move, the sinister voice came back and mockingly said, “Welcome back to 99% of Chatroulette.”

I didn’t listen this time.  I simply typed FACEBOOK.COM



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